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The Case for Fire Resistant Safe

Fire resistant safe is not one of the most obvious office furniture you would get when you set up an office. Yet many do not realise the importance of this vital piece of furniture until it is all too late. A fire in the office can wreck irreparable destruction to the survivability for businesses, this is especially so for small and medium enterprises. Every business has crucial physical documents to be kept safe. These documents can be difficult or impossible to replace in the event of a fire disaster.

Most business continuity planning and disaster recovery procedures still do not take into account the danger of losing physical documents to a fire disaster. Most business continuity planning still focuses mostly on virtual data protection and ignore the fact that many physical data are as important or sometimes more important. Although many important documents are now kept in digital format, other necessary paperwork -- such as tax records, company deeds and registration certificates -- still need to be filed securely in paper form. These documents require protection not only from theft, but also from fire. More notably, many company executives have a false sense of security knowing that they have bought fire insurance for their company. Many do not know that an insurance policy isn't going to enable the company to replace these assets, so a fireproof safe or cabinet is essential to provide the appropriate protection against such fire incidents.

It is a pity that in a time where great corporate emphasis for business continuity and disaster recovery for our digital information assets is met with a decreased and dangerous neglect for our physical document assets. It will be sometime till legislation and regulations keep up for such physical document assets protection within corporate business continuity and disaster recovery. But meanwhile, businesses that do have a fire resistant safe or cabinet to keep their important physical documents is really protecting themselves from a lot of risk with relatively very little amount of money. It definitely makes a lot of business sense for me.


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